The Most Stylish Cubic-Matching Blazer for Women Hijabers

Most people certainly like a neat look, one of them with a blazer. Not only creating a formal style, a blazer can be the key to looking stylish as well as elegant. Popbela has tips for blending blazers for hijab girls. Let’s take a look!

1 The combination of navy blue and light beige is able to create an elegant look. The combination of a striped blazer and trousers can be an option. To be more leverage, complete with a waist bag, hijab, and heels of the same color.

2 The all-black outfit is guaranteed to be even cooler with the addition of an oversized blazer as an outer. Just pair it with black pants and sneakers, your OOTD is guaranteed to be maximally cool without excessive accessories.

3 Contemporary style with elegant blazers and pleated skirts. Choose a hijab with a neutral color and pair boots to support the appearance.

4 Make a statement with the addition of a waistline accessory on the oversized blazer. More unique with olive green puff pants and a colorful crossbody bag.

5 Create a vibrant formal look with a yellow blazer. Pair it with a plaid skirt and shoulder bag to complete the look.

6 Look feminine wearing a blazer, rely on a sweet pink tweed blazer. For matching, you can pair a matching colored hijab. It’s even better with cute baby blue square toe heels.

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