The portrait of Suga wearing all black clothes at the BTS Concert Can Bewitch Army’s Hearts

The BTS concert 'Permission to Dance On Stage' in Seoul, South Korea will be held on March 10, 12, 13, 2022 and can be watched both offline and online.
On the second day of the concert, March 12, 2022, Suga BTS confiscated the audience during the sound check. In fact, the owner's full name Min Yoongi is viral on Twitter with a number of photos and videos showing himself on stage.

Many praised him for being more handsome and charming thanks to his all-black outfit. In the video that was spread, he also seems to be straightening his hair which is now getting longer.

Suga BTS wears a black blazer and pants, with a white inner t-shirt. He looks more charming with his black glasses.

After the black was combined with Nike sneakers.

Suga wore the black suit from the Wooyoungmi Paris brand. For a blazer for 1.035 dollars, or around Rp. 14 million.

While black pants with keyring details, for 420 dollars, or around Rp. 6 million. And black and white Nike Dunk Low Retro shoes for 254 dollars or around Rp. 3.7 million.

Due to Covid-19, offline viewers are not allowed to shout according to COVID guidelines, for that fans are given paper fans to cheer on BTS.

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