The Rules in Fashion That Must Be Abandoned

Hi girls! When it comes to fashion, maybe you can get a little confused. It feels like there is too much for us to follow. Continuous trends, new rules to follow, and, well, old rules to abandon. I mean, it's just too much!

Talking about the rules in fashion, some people may have different views. There are those who follow it as a guideline for dressing, others think that many of the regulations are out of date. I am one of those people. In my opinion, the rules in fashion actually curb my creativity. After all, didn't fashion exist as a way for all of us to experiment and express who we were?

While there are some rules that do give good advice (like when in doubt, wearing black or wearing a statement piece with a monochrome outfit), there are some that actually govern what you can and can't wear. Yes, there are situations and conditions that may require you to follow a certain dress code, but for everyday life, go wild! Therefore, Cosmo has summarized some of the rules in fashion that are out of date and you can break.
Avoid brown and blue with black.

Okay, maybe this is one of the oldest rules regarding fashion. Brown and blue, when paired with black, are considered to make you look unstable and dull because the three colors have the same dark impression. But hey! Wait a minute. There are many shades in brown and blue that you can use. You can also outsmart it by adding a pop of color to bring your appearance to life.

Use only one type of jewelry.

Are you more suited to gold or silver jewelry? Or do you prefer wearing pearls? Please, who cares? Leave that rule and start mixing and matching jewelery or even layering. You will find your accessory games to be even more interesting.

Formal event? You must wear heels!

BIG NO. Many celebrities on the red carpet have proven that this one rule is wrong. Now, you can wear flat shoes, boots, to sneakers and still look appropriate for formal events. Nothing looks more inelegant than looking tormented to endure the pain of wearing heels too long.
Only use one motive.

This one rule is officially declared boring. Many designers and fashion labels have proven that combining several different motifs will actually make you look more attractive. Call it Gucci or designer Richard Quinn. Indeed, you have to have more to find the right combination, but, believe me, the end result is definitely worth it!

Lingerie only for in-room.

Wow, if you still follow this rule, you might be living behind a rock right now. The reason is, the trend of wearing lingeries such as bralettes, bustiers, and corsets is very trendy. You can see it on the Instagram feed for your favorite influencers and celebrities. Take it easy, this look will actually make you look more edgy and cool.

Do you know what the stylish people you see on social media have in common? No, not because they have a mannequin body. It's not that they hide her curvy silhouette in baggy clothes or her petite body in an equally tiny outfit. What they have in common is that they can choose clothes that fit their bodies as an extension of their personality. Want to wear a cropped top even though your stomach isn't flat? Sure. Want to wear palazzo pants but your height is below 160cm? Why not? Be confident, babes!

Women may not wear men's clothes and vice versa

Last but not least, the current regulations are being abandoned. With the world and human thinking evolving, fashion has gone with it too. Now it seems that there is no longer an aisle for women's or men's clothing. As you can see, a lot of public figures are starting to dare to combine clothes from any gender… and still look good. Fashion will look more fun if you can break those boundaries.

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