These are the 7 Rareest Branded Bags in the World, Hunted by World Collectors and Celebrities!

In the fashion world, branded bags are not just accessories or complements that are used to store and carry our luggage, Stylovers.

Branded bags are also seen as valuable items that can even be an investment because their value continues to rise.

Especially if the bag is a collection from a well-known designer that was created with a high level of skill, luxurious details, story or history behind it, to a limited edition!

The following are 7 bag models from 3 famous luxury handbag brands in the world that are the rarest and most sought after by collectors, socialites, and celebrities.

Reporting from, these are the 7 rarest branded bags in the world that are being hunted by collectors and celebrities!

1 Hermes Birkin Sac Bijou

This bag is touted as the rarest bag in the world.

This bag was designed by Pierre Hardy, former creative director of fine jewelery at Hermès and is selling for around IDR 29 billion.

Created in two versions made of rose gold and white gold, both are adorned with 2,712 diamonds.

Only three of each version of the Sac Bijou were created.

Originally designed to be used as a bracelet, it turns out that this bag can still be used as a mini bag, you know!

2 Hermès Himalaya Crocodile Diamond Birkin

Named the most sought after bag in the world, this bag was sold at Christie's auction for over IDR 5.5 billion, making it the most expensive bag ever sold at auction.

Christie's estimates that Hermès only produces one or two editions of this bag each year.

World celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham are two of the lucky few who can own this exclusive bag.

The bag is crafted from white Niloticus crocodile skin and adorned with over 240 diamonds and hardware made of 18 ct white gold.

3 Chanel Imitation Pearl Flap Bag

Flap bag is one of Chanel's classic collections and some of its special editions are being hunted by collectors around the world.

One of them is the Imitation Pearl Flap Bag from Chanel's Metiers d'Art 2017 collection.

Priced at around IDR 223 million, this bag is made of goatskin, gold colored hardware, and is completely embellished with faux pearls.

Chanel is known for its pearl jewelry, so the combination of these two classic Chanel traits is considered a masterpiece.

4 Chanel Graffiti Newspaper Print Flap Bag

Released in the Chanel Spring/Summer 2015 collection, this bag is one of Chanel's rarest flap bag editions.

Priced at around IDR 199 million when it was just released, this unique bag is a limited edition that only a lucky few can buy.

This bag, which was released in 4 different style variations, has become a collector's item because Chanel does not mass produce it, because each bag is hand-painted.

5 Louis Vuitton The Aquarelle Speedy

Collaborative collections will usually produce rare and limited products so that they are hunted by collectors.

One of them is the collaboration of Louis Vuitton with Richard Prince which produces a classic Louis Vuitton Speedy bag model with a monogram of watercolor by Richard Prince.

This bag has a unique Louis Vuitton Monogram motif created from beautiful watercolor pastel colors.

This collaboration is one of the iconic collaborations ever carried out by Louis Vuitton, even considered historic.

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