Things You Must Know About Polycotton

You must be familiar with this type of material. Polycotton is indeed one type of material that is widely circulating in the market. Not only as a material for clothes, polycotton is also often used as the base material for hijab fabrics. The material is comfortable and easy to absorb sweat and can be relied on for tropical climates that tend to be hot.

Come on, find out more about polycotton materials. For more, see below.

1 What is polycotton?

As the name implies, polycotton is a mixture of two other types of materials, namely polyester and cotton. The combination of synthetic polyester fabrics and natural cotton fibers produces a smooth and soft blend of products. The polycotton material itself has the characteristics of a dense, cool, and flexible fiber texture. Therefore, polycotton is often used as a base for clothing.

2 The advantages of polycotton

When compared to other types of materials, polycotton has advantages in terms of its comfort. Polycotton has a smooth and soft texture, so it is more comfortable to wear. The material is also cool and absorbs sweat easily, so it’s not hot to use. Even though the material falls off, polycotton is still easy to shape when used as a base for the hijab fabric. In addition, polycotton material also has advantages that do not wrinkle easily.

3 Disadvantages of polycotton

Although it has many advantages over other types of materials, polycotton also has some disadvantages. One of them is that it smells easier. In addition, the light nature of the material also causes the polycotton material to burn more easily, especially if it is ironed too hot. Be careful, Bela.

4 Uses of the polycotton material

Polycotton is often used as a basic material for women’s clothing, especially for hijabs, robes, and t-shirts. The comfort factor is the reason why this type of material is so popular as a base for clothing. The material that is easily modified also makes screen printing on polycotton materials more clearly visible.

5 How to care for the correct polycotton material

Basically, how to wash polycotton ingredients is not much different from other ingredients. However, if washing in the washing machine, try to wash polycotton clothes on a low rotational strength. This is done so that clothes don’t get damaged quickly. Meanwhile, removing stubborn stains on polycotton is best done by washing it with warm water. Avoid ironing polycotton materials too hot because polycotton materials are more flammable.

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