This is the oldest model in the world, still working at the age of 90!

When you imagine a model figure, what kind of figure comes to your mind, Stylovers?

Usually a model figure sticks with a young appearance, looks beautiful or handsome, and a body shape that is considered ideal.

However, the figure of the oldest model in the world has successfully denied this assumption with her career as a model that is still being pursued until the age of 90.

Daphne Selfe is the oldest model figure in the world who is still busy with a career in modeling and fashion until now she is 92 years old.

Reporting from The Sydney Morning Herald, let's get acquainted with the figure of the oldest model in the world!

Daphne Selfe was born on July 1, 1928 and is now 92 years old. Her three children are now in their 50s and 60s, while their four grandchildren are in their 20s.

In general, Daphne Selfe's health condition is still good, apart from the presence of vasculitis in her legs which makes her unable to wear high heels anymore.

He is 168 centimeters tall, although he admits it has shrunk a little.

Daphne started her career as a model in 1949, when she was 21 years old.

"I worked in a shop in the Reading area, west of London, and they had a fashion show competition," she recalls.

"All the girls want to follow him, and the prize is to be the cover model for Reading & Berkshire Review. I won," he continued.

A modeling agency was attracted to and signed with Daphne. But at that time the modeling profession was not related to the fashion world as it is now.

"Modeling was not what it is now," he said.

"Color photography technology just exists. There hasn't been a London Fashion Week, it's only been around for the last 25 years. Our main catwalks are in the big shops in London, Northampton, Bournemouth. Only one or two girls have ever been to Paris. People I will never hear of a job as a model, ”he explained.

"As models, we work to advertise products. I have advertised sausages, wine and finally fashion. We do anything and we always do our own hair and make-up," she said.

When Daphne married Jim Smith in 1954, her career took a slow turn.

Daphne returned to doing some modeling jobs in the 1960s when she already had three children.

He continues to do commercials, some artistic modeling and work as an extra in theater and television.

Her husband died in 1997, after 43 years of marriage.

In 1998, a few months after her husband's departure, Daphne received a call to return to the catwalk at London Fashion Week.

"It is something that has to be done," he said.

"I think it will stop me from feeling gloomy. I'm a pretty optimistic person. I just hope it can help me enjoy life and move on. The kids are happy I'm fine," he said.

At the age of 70, he received a big round of applause when appearing at a fashion show.

The media praised her appearance as a breakthrough moment for the progress of aged women in the world of fashion.

A week later, Daphne received a call from Vogue.

"They're doing an article about what it's like to be old," said Daphne with a laugh.

"Nick Knight is the photographer and a talent scout from the Model 1 agency is on set. At the end of the shoot, he said, 'we want you to be at our agency.' And that's how it all started again, "said Daphne.

Since joining the prestigious London agency, Daphne has enjoyed some of the most famous jobs of her career.

She has modeled for brands like Dolce & Gabbana and has changed perceptions about model looks and aging.

Instagram is becoming a completely new part of the job but Daphne is still following.

He created an Instagram account at the age of 85 and now has more than 60,000 followers.

Daphne's work in the modeling world is touted as the advancement of diversity values ​​in the world of fashion and modeling.

"I do not recommend a model that is too fat, or too thin, because both are bad for health. But looking at differences in age, skin color, disabilities, everything is accepted, is a brilliant thing," he said.

For many people, getting older is something to be feared. However Daphne disagrees.

"I realized my body was not the same anymore, but I forced myself. My kids find it funny that I'm still a model. But I don't plan to retire. When life is so interesting, why should I give up?" he said.

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