This Sandwich Design Sneaker Sold For IDR 1.6 Million

Cosmo Babes have you ever imagined that you don’t have sandwich-shaped shoes? It turns out that these sandwich-inspired shoes are being sold by clothing brand Dolls Kill.

Reporting from the Daily Star, the unique shoe was created by clothing brand Dolls Kill with a shape like a sandwich called the Deli Sandwich Platform Sneakers. The design is made as closely as possible with the food.

The upper part of the shoe and the sole of the shoe appear to have a beige color to make it look similar to the original sandwich bread. In addition, in the center is also equipped with designs of various food ingredients consisting of three-dimensional salami, lettuce, cheese, and onions.

“Where are you going to wear these shoes?” wrote the official Instagram account @dollskill while uploading a photo of the sandwich shoes.

For the price offered, the Deli Sandwich Platform Sneakers made by Dolls Kill are quite expensive. A pair of shoes with a sandwich design is priced at 85 pounds or Rp. 1.6 million per pair.

Many netizens welcomed the presence of this sandwich. Including one Subway employee who can’t wait to wear the Deli Sandwich Platform Sneakers at work.

“I work at Subway and I’m definitely going to wear this to work.” write Instagram account @narwhaltiger

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