Tips for a simple but luxurious and attractive fashion style with cheap clothes

Every woman must always pay attention to her daily fashion style, including me. However, we often think that to look luxurious and elegant, we must always wear expensive clothes. In fact, the main key to look fashionable and chic style is our cleverness in combining various models of clothes that we have in the closet. Well, to make your appearance look more charming, we have some simple fashion style tips, and anti-complicated with cheap clothes, but can look luxurious and elegant.

1 Pair White Shirt

Even though it gives the impression of being too neat, a white shirt can actually make your appearance look more fashionable. You only need to combine it with jeans, either shorts or trousers. Then, use the French tuck style, which is tucking one part of the shirt into the pants, like this fashion style. This simple style is suitable for those of you who don’t like complicated.

2 Pair a black blazer and jeans

Jeans and black blazers are fashion items that all women must have. Well, you can try layering blazer styles and jeans and black blazers to look fashionable, like this fashion style. Tips, choose a v-collar top, or a box collar, which shows the shape of your neck to create a more elegant impression.

3 Choose a monochrome color

If you are one of those people who don’t have many colors of clothes in your closet, don’t worry, you can rely on the monochrome fashion style. Combine a white top, gray cloth pants, and a black jacket to create a more luxurious impression, like this fashion style.

4 Use a pleated skirt

This is one of my favorite skirt models that has proven to be able to make an appearance look more elegant without having to be complicated. If you want to create a luxurious impression, you can choose a pleated skirt in black, white or beige. However, if you want a cheerful and fresh style, don’t hesitate to choose a lighter pleated skirt, such as green, purple, or silver.

5 Choose a button-up dress

Dress can be a mainstay to look feminine, elegant, and still look luxurious. Well, one of the dress models that will never go out of style is a dress with button accents, like this dress model. Besides being able to create a vintage fashion style, this dress model can also make the appearance look more luxurious.

6 Try layering dress and blazer fashion style

One more layering fashion style that can make the appearance look more elegant and charming, namely the layering dress and blazer fashion style. The tips, choose a dress with a strap dress or strap model, then combine it with an oversized blazer. This is one of the fashion styles that is becoming a contemporary fashion trend for Korean women, you know.

7 Combine culottes and crop tops

In addition to jeans, culottes are also a favorite of many women. Well, so that it’s not boring, you can combine culottes and crop tops with charming style statement accents to create a more fashionable and chic impression, like this fashion style.

So, it’s not difficult to look luxurious on a limited budget

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