Tips for Caring for Fashion Accessories Made from Leather, Must Note Bro!

You must be familiar with fashion accessories made from leather that always make your appearance classier. Is that right? In terms of durability and coolness, fashion accessories made from leather are the best.

Eits, but you already know how to take care of it? Reported by Art of Manliness and Real Men Real Style, see the full explanation below!

1 Dry the freshly washed belt overnight before putting it back on

Have you ever tried washing a leather belt but felt a strange thing when you put it back on? If so, maybe you made a little mistake in the drying process. Leather belts that are thoroughly washed with soap or detergent should be dried overnight before reuse.

It is intended that all layers of the skin can be maximally dry and do not leave excess moisture. If used in humid conditions, a musty odor and the risk of damage to the skin texture of the belt is very possible.

2 Use a leather conditioner to maintain the durability of the gloves

Not only hair, but leather accessories also have special conditioners, you know! This conditioner can be a liquid such as soap which is useful for maintaining the elasticity of the skin so that it is durable for a long time. Using a conditioner can prevent the leather from drying out or cracking, most importantly it can also make your leather gloves look shinier and softer.

3 Clean the jacket after every use, especially after outdoor activities

Even though it doesn't absorb dust and dirt as easily as cotton, leather jackets still need to be cleaned after use. Small dust that is invisible to the eye we unconsciously sticks between the folds of the jacket, destroying the texture of the jacket itself.

Moreover, if you like to use a leather jacket for outdoor activities such as riding, try to clean the jacket with a clean, damp cloth to make sure there is no dirt that can make the leather look cracked later on.

4 Avoid filling the bag too tightly or over its capacity

For those of you who like to use leather bags to go to the office, understand about this one tip, Bro! Because if the leather bag is used continuously with the contents or items inside that are too dense to exceed the capacity, the shape and quality of the leather will be easily damaged.

Pressure from items that are too full in the bag will change the original appearance of the bag and can lead to increasingly rotten and fragile skin.

5 Store the shoes in their box so they last longer

Leaving leather shoes in a room temperature that is too warm can make them more easily damaged, you know! Leather requires a cool place to keep it moist and maintain the quality of the skin and its luster for a long time. You can store leather shoes in the box to prevent damage. This is also done so that the shape of the shoes remains on point, because they are prone to changes if they are stacked with other shoes.

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