Tips for choosing comfortable underwear while at home

The Covid-19 pandemic, which continues to this day, has forced people to do more activities at home. Even though it’s only at home, it doesn’t mean choosing the clothes to be used is not important, including underwear.

In addition to making it easier to do activities, choosing comfortable underwear is also believed to be able to improve mood, even if only doing activities at home. This was expressed by Indonesian Beauty Influencer, Heidiana Tjahjadi, in a webinar held by Felancy Intimate Indonesia.

“I like it or not when I wear underwear that isn’t neat, I’m lazy to wear neat clothes. Because it gets carried away, it just happens in bed,” said Heidiana

Therefore, the choice of underwear is also important for Heidiana. Not only to stay comfortable, but also to raise the spirit of activity for one day.

“If I feel that when I wake up and wear neat underwear, we will choose neat clothes too. For example, if there was no plan, we are in the mood to make content, make this and that story, he said.

He said, to stay comfortable while at home, Heidiana prefers to use seamles or mulu underwear.

“So it’s very comfortable when it’s worn on the body for comfortable activities and absorbs sweat and doesn’t have wires,” he said.

In addition, for daily activities at home he also often uses underwear in the form of a sports bra. That way he can do many activities ranging from accompanying children while studying, to while exercising.

“You can still absorb sweat from your sprot bra while doing home activities while supervising your children, you can do squads, keep doing push-ups and sit-ups to maintain immunity,” he said

On the same occasion Agnes Dewi, as Marketing Manager of PT Megariamas Sentosa, the company that oversees the Felancy brand, also said that in this uncertain time of the pandemic, her party did several things to make adjustments to meet the needs of quality and comfortable underwear.

“We focus on basic products from bras, pantyes and also casual wear (a comfortable nightgown for everyday wear-RED). Anyway, all products that are comfortable to wear for everyday in various activities because during the pandemic, everyone works more and has activities than usual. home,” explained

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