Très Paris: Harmonization of Equestrian Heritage and French Style by Longchamp

Taking place on a racetrack designed by Gustave Eiffel, Longchamp’s fall/winter 2021 collection is a tribute to the brand’s preservation of the founder’s equestrian-inspired heritage and the city of Paris. Not surprisingly, for this season’s campaign the figure of model Mica Arganaraz represents the vision and mission of the fashion house in a French-breathing collection.

In the visual shown, Mica is wearing clothes that depict the spirit of riding, namely a black safari jacket with a belt, and a pair of rain boots combined with red socks. With a stable background and horses, the visual immediately reflects the form of an elegant and practical woman. Not to forget, he carried the Roseau bag which was an update from the Longchamp archive collection in 1993 as a tote with the addition of bamboo and a blend of cost-leather prints with a glossy finish and added velvet elements.

Subsequently, a series of campaigns showed a bag hanging under the words “Roseau”. Which again displays the luxury of the bag in a cognac color version of calfskin material. Then there is also the visual of the bag on a row of riding saddles that represent Longchamp’s savoir-faire.

The vintage breath and effortless French style were then re-emitted by Mica, who at that time wore a caramel-colored ensemble made of suede with a small Roseau bag complemented by vintage toggle elements and chains. In this series of campaigns, the warm atmosphere and the sun’s rays that give more energy and authenticity become spices as well as an illustration of the foundation of Longchamp as a fashion house that has been established since 1948 in France.

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