Tricks for wearing black culottes to keep it looking fashionable

Pssst, did you know that now Gen Z has “boycotted” the use of skinny jeans? Okay, maybe the term “boycott” is a little over the top. But there is indeed a debate on social media between gen Z and millennial regarding whether the use of skinny jeans is still appropriate. Actually, there’s nothing wrong with skinny jeans and maybe it’s just a difference in taste between generations. Plus, straight-cut pants and a little loose are indeed a trend now.

We all know what culottes are: They are a wide cut that’s super comfortable to wear. These pants are one of the most popular alternatives for people who are trying to change their skinny pants. When we talk about culottes, choosing the right style is key. Although it can be used anywhere, whether it’s for a casual hangout with friends or a meeting at the office, culottes can easily make your silhouette less attractive and make you look shorter and wider. If you are new to trying this item, you can choose black culottes with the length of the pants a little above the ankles. Culottes with a model like this will almost certainly make you look tall and slender.

Even so, there are various other components that you should pay attention to in mixing and matching black culottes to give an extra touch to your appearance. However, a good appearance will not be formed with just one item but through the unity of all the clothes you wear.

1 Observe details on culottes

Small details like subtle folds or asymmetrical cuts on the underside of your culottes will add a sweet touch, but be careful if they show a lot at the waist. Too much detail on the waist will make you look bigger than you really are. For those of you who have a small body, choose culottes with a leg circumference that is not too wide so that it doesn’t look like it is “drowning” in your own pants.

2 Choose the appropriate top

Sometimes, culottes can be a statement item on its own. To choose the right top, make sure it has less volume than your culottes, such as a silk blouse or button-up shirt with a bold silhouette that contrasts with culottes which have a casual feel. Cropped tops or tops that stop right at the waist also look great when paired with culottes.

3 Pay attention to color combinations

Black is the most basic color in the world of fashion. Even though it looks elegant and classic, sometimes this color can make you look boring. To prevent this from happening, make sure you use the appropriate color mix. You can use light colors like pink or yellow to make a pop of color or a slightly darker color like maroon to add a classy accent. Using black to make it look monochrome can sometimes be the right option, you can bring this look to life with statement accessories such as a gold necklace or colorful bag.

4 Wear the right shoes

To encourage the formation of a tiered silhouette, you can try combining culottes with shoes that have wheels. Whether it’s strappy heels, boots, or short but cute kitten heels. No matter how small, heels will really help to lengthen your legs and make you look taller and slimmer. If you want to look sportier, you can wear chunky sneakers that have thick soles.

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