Tunic and Batik for Invites, Variety of Colors Steal Attention

Tunics are one of the most comfortable fashion models to wear for invitations. The shape tends to be simple with the length of clothing below the knee, really fitting when combined with a batik skirt.

Check out, come on, this article to get tunics and batik references for invitations! The invitation is not boring with a variety of color choices.

This loose-cut tunic with a simple kimono accent on the side will make you look charming. Moreover, the color is very subdued

2 To make the wedding outfit more luxurious, apply a sprinkling of sequins on top of the lace material. The clothes can be chosen with a peplum model with layering accents

3 Bright colors like yellow will catch your eye, plus the shawl detail that hangs on your tunic. Great auto!

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