Vanessa’s Five Relaxing Style on the Beach

Not only Jessica Iskandar, the love life of her sister, Erick Iskandar is also often the subject of conversation. As is known, Erick has a girlfriend, a sexy model named Vanessa Lima, who is now reportedly pregnant.

Apart from the news, Vanessa Lima’s appearance did steal the show. Often on vacation, Vanessa Lima’s portrait on the beach also always steals the spotlight. Showing off her beautiful curves and natural beauty, her charm is flooded with compliments. What’s the portrait like? Take a peek right away!

1 Here’s a sexy portrait of Vanessa Lima on vacation at the beach. Very cool, right?

2 Working as a model, Vanessa often shows off her beautiful curves.

3 Vacationing to the beach is still his favorite destination to unwind, here. Stay flawless even without heavy makeup.

4 To add to the impression of sun kissed skin, Vanessa daub a little blush on peach nuances.

5 Diligent exercise makes him have the body shape that women covet. So sexy!

6 How about you, are you attracted to Vanessa Lima’s beauty?

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