Viral Meghan Markle Interview, Kate Middleton Appears with Healing Crystals

The interview program for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in recent days has become a hot topic that has been discussed incessantly. In addition to shocking the public, the new facts revealed by Meghan in the interview certainly had their own impact on members of the British Royal family.

One member of the royal family who may be feeling the effects is Kate Middleton. The reason is, the name of Prince William's wife was also mentioned by Meghan. To be more precise, Meghan was trying to explain what happened between the two. Because so far the relationship between Kate and Meghan is reported to have been tenuous and they are experiencing feuds.

Meghan said that the rumors that had been circulating were wrong. He never made Kate cry. The opposite happened. A few days before the royal wedding Meghan and Harry, according to Meghan Kate made her cry because of the flower girl dresses.

"He made me cry and it really hurt my feelings… I thought, with all that happened before the wedding day, shouldn't he know what to do like everyone else, knowing what happened to my father and other things?" said Meghan as quoted from Cosmopolitan.

Some international media said that at this time Prince William was saddened by the attitude of Harry and his wife. Moreover, they also discussed a little about the Duchess of Cambridge.

One day after the interview was released, the Kensington Palace Twitter account that houses the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge family released a video of Kate Middleton making a video call. In the broadcast, Kate is seen chatting with Jasmine Harrison, a woman who has just completed a 5,000 km journey from Canary Island to Antigua to raise charity funds.

In the video, there is one thing that stole the attention of Kate Middleton fans. She is wearing earrings from the Missoma brand, which are made of pink healing crystals or what is commonly called rhodochrosite.

On the official Missoma website, these crystals can radiate love, affection, and build a positive atmosphere around the user. Interestingly, this brand is also one of Meghan's favorite brands. So according to netizens, the earrings imply that the relationship between Kate and Meghan is fine.

Just as Meghan has explained, after Kate made him cry, Kate immediately apologized and Meghan has also forgiven him. So there is no need for hatred between them.

"If you love me, you don't need to hate him. And if you love him, you don't need to hate me either," concluded Meghan.

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