Wanda Ponika-style Kebaya Inspiration, Traditional Glamorous Clothing

Jewelery designer and socialite Wanda Ponika has a charming kebaya style with modern details. Her style became even more charming when she wore a sequin to brocade kebaya which made her look fashionable.

What's the charm of Wanda Ponika when applying kebaya to various events? The following is a collection of kebaya from Wanda Ponika that can be an inspiration for you.

1 Founder of Wanda House of Jewels looks catchy wearing a red brocade kebaya, cloth, songket scarf and floral accent brooch

2 The look is elegant apply a classic purple long brocade kebaya complete with traditional cloth and a scarf

3 You can cheat on this Creative Director's contemporary style with a high-collared indigo blue kebaya and a batik slit skirt.

4 Look cute, wear a heritage-themed kebaya with a flower accent tile. She combines it with batik, complete with drop earrings

5 He has the characteristic of appearing in a low bun, this time he combines the sequin kebaya with the Lampung filter cloth

6 His appearance looks youthful wearing a encim kebaya and a knee-length batik skirt, complete with heels and a clutch

7 This time, the lime colored kebaya looks alluring when applied with a songket skirt and a matching accent obi.

8 Fascinating with the kebaya brackets by Andre Frankie, she brought along a batik skirt accented with black-brown tendrils

9 Kebaya designed by Anne Avantie, looks attractive with black sequins details and a slit batik skirt

Those were some of the Wanda Ponika kebaya inspirations that you can cheat. Interested in following the traditional socialite style clothes?

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