World-recognized Japanese Designers

Japan is indeed one of the most recognized developed countries in the world. Including in fashion, Japan has iconic styles that steal attention, for example Harajuku style, pop-up color to minimalist style.

The style of hits created also includes the intervention of Japanese designers who are able to bring their works to the attention of the world. Surely these designers have an important role in the progress of the fashion industry.

1 Designing clothes using an all-black color palette is the hallmark of Yohji Yamamoto. So iconic, Yohji Yamamoto was able to exhibit his designs at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

2 Chitose Abe is the woman behind one of the luxury fashion brands from Japan, Sacai in 1991 ago. Thanks to its distinctive design, the collection created by Chitose Abe has managed to appear in fashion shows in various countries.

3 Rei Kawakubo is the designer who founded the Commes de Garcons label and the multibrand boutique, Dover Street Market. Uniting punk style and distressed style makes this collection more global and iconic.

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