Patricia Gouw vs Ayu Gani, a dropout from Asia’s Next Top Model

For fans of the world of modeling and fashion shows, you must be familiar with the names Patricia Gouw and Ayu Gani. They graduated from Asia's Next Top Model (AsNTM) competition, but fought in a different cycle.

Patricia is now a judge for Indonesia Next Top Model (INTM), while Gani has been seen several times as a guest judge. Patricia and Gani also have a close relationship, you know! Let's compete in the style of Patricia Gouw vs Ayu Gani, let's go!

1 Appearing in a turtleneck sweater, Patricia mixes it with nude skirts, Gani chooses loose trousers in army colors

2 Have a bright blazer or pantsuit? Pair it with inner or neutral color pants, don't hesitate to highlight your color!

3 There are various tops that can be used as inner workings when wearing overalls, such as plain cuffs or patterned cropped tops

4 Shirts are not only clothes for a formal atmosphere, but can also be a contemporary and cool hangout style

5 In style with leather subordinates, Patricia went for a fun yellow top, while Gani wore a classy maroon color

6 Two ways to make a sweatshirt look hits are adding a belt or appearing boyish with shorts

7 Patricia stole the show with red overalls, while Gani wore denim

8 Having a sporty style doesn't have to be sporting clothes. A hoodie or jacket combined with jogging pants is okay, really!

9 Turtleneck sweaters look fashionable when paired with a patterned skirt or plain blazer

That's it, Patricia Gouw and Ayu Gani's 9 style fights. Regarding fashion, there is no need to doubt it, huh!

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