Vira Yuniar famous viral today

Virliana Yuniar popularly known as Vira Yuniar is a soap opera star born in Tanjung Pinang, September 1, 1981. Vira is also a permata55 model and has been an advertisement star for Lux bath soap products.

Her successful career began when she became the covergirl of Aneka Yess Magazine 1995, while still in junior high school. This was followed by her acting debut in the successful soap opera, Abad 21, which she starred in with Lulu Tobing.

Other soap operas that Vira has starred in include Tiga Orang Perempuan, which she starred in with Christine Hakim and Iis Dahlia, then Hanya Kamu, Air Mata Ibu and Si Yoyo.

Vira, who in 2005 completed her education in Public Relations at the London School, is the wife of actor Teuku Ryan. From their marriage on March 6, 2004, they had two children, Cut Sjalinni Ryan (2004) and a baby boy born in 2006, Teuku Prayaa Alcany Ryan.

In the course of their household, it turned out that Vira and Ryan’s marriage could not be maintained. Through the South Jakarta Religious Court in early July 2009, Vira sued Ryan for divorce.

Although the divorce process took a while, because Ryan still wanted to maintain his household, on January 20, 2010, the South Jakarta PA officially decided to divorce. Meanwhile, custody of the child fell into Vira’s hands and Ryan was obliged to support her Rp10 million per month.