11 High Heels Inspiration for Weddings, Emit Graceful Charm

High heels are still the favorite bridal shoes for many people. Its graceful and elegant design is the reason.

IDN Times will give you 11 wedding high heels inspiration for weddings. Shoe portraits below have been curated from wedding photos of Indonesian celebrities. Curious what kind of reference? Come on, see the article!

1 Chunky heels made of pink satin, exudes a Barbie-like charm. The beads & transparent lace detail on these sling back heels looks fashionable

2 Sontek Ririn style with champagne gold high heels on her wedding day. These peep toe heels have a unique wave accent

These 3 white slingback heels with white-orange bead detail can be an idea. Perfect to pair with a long white kebaya!

4 Ankle strap heels are one of the favorite wedding shoes. Choose shoe details with beautiful white & silver beads

5 These white high heels have dazzling details. There are ribbon and floral lace accents that add to the elegant charm of the bride

This 6 Silver transparent slingback was worn by Syahra Larez at her reception. Beading details are still a favorite for some brides

7 White high heels with beads and rope accents in the middle, accompanied Aurel at her wedding. The details are chic and elegant!

8 Vicy wore white bridal shoes with a slingback detail. These high heels with the addition of sequins and beads, look luxurious

9 Chunky heels are suitable for a modern wedding concept. Like slingback heels with transparent lace accents on this one

These 10 bone white Stiletto heels look simple and sleek. More stylish combined with ankle bracelet accessories

11 Isyana wears elegant creamy white high heels. These wedding shoes exude a calm and gentle charm for the bride and groom

Those are 11 high heels wedding ideas that can be your reference. Try to comment below which is your favorite shoe design!

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