At 60, Tom Cruise is Hollywood’s best- dressed stager

Having just celebrated his 60th birthday, Tom Cruise is still shining in the style stakes. Take for case the actor's recent press stint for the record- breaking megahit that was Top Gun Maverick. Not only did he flex a spa- honed duck that battled that of the bone
he sported way back in Risky Business, he also demonstrated the proper way for a man to dress in their afterlife times. While Jeff Goldblum is each about in- your- face aesthetics , voyage is further about super simple outfits, sprucely- acclimatized Brioni suits, with a little flashiness by way of a velour Tom Ford polo shirt then and there.

It's hardly surprising voyage is nailing his fits. He'd his debut part in 1981's Endless Love, but it was not until the release of Risky Business, in which he plays teen Joel Goodson, that effects really started to toast up for the actor. Following that advance part, throughout the Eighties and Nineties he was one of the biggest stars of the period, alongside the likes of Brad Pitt and Leonardo Dicaprio. He was also recognised for his daring yet attainable style, which comprised lofty leather jackets,ultra-short films and ├╝ber tight tees, jazzy shirts worn under shoddy suits and, frequently, the odd bolo tie.

But it's the ultimate manifestation of voyage we are then to celebrate, so then we present to you Tom's most fire fits from recent months to help inform your own wardrobe choices.

The Steve Jobs Effect

Occasionally a simple watercolor knit and a brace of smart acclimatized trousers just works. No fuss, no frills.

The Classic Tux

Attending the Top Gun Maverick Royal Film Performance at Leicester Square in May 2022, voyage made the case for a return to red carpet formalwear in a sprucely- acclimatized Brioni tuxedo.

Make Your Own Rules

This is Tom f*cking voyage and if he does not want to wear a tie with his three- piece suit he damn well will not. It's a little wrong, a bitsy bit sexy and completely badass.

Flex Those Muscles

Look, if you've been putting in the hours in the spa also you will want to show it off, right? Well Cruise further than justified to slip into thisultra-tight polo shirt following a massive spa splurge to get that Top Gun Maverick body- ody- ody.

Know The Power Of A Blue Suit

In Cannes, where he attended the city's world- notorious film jubilee, voyage wore a deep cortege linen- mix suit, under which he wore a shirt, went sans tie and slipped into a brace of buffed black Derbies. voyage knows that the the humble cortege suit is the most protean formalwear you can conclude for, indeed eclipsing black and watercolor when it comes to inflexibility.


Case in point voyage sported this dark sword blue two- piece suit to Wimbledon in the day, before turning it out again for a night at London hotspot The Twenty Two. That is versatility baby.

Y2k Velour!

Still, wearing a Tom Ford polo shirt cut from the satiny soft stuff, If there is one 60- time old man who can get down with wearing velour it's voyage.

Invest In A acclimatized Suit

Voyage, who bulked up for his part in Top Gun, has easily got a brand new wardrobe to suit his largish frame. For the Top Gun Maverick world premiere in California he slipped his frame into a cortege suit that was acclimatized within an inch of its life to his body. Take note.