Dress Inspiration in Purple, Ready to Look Gorgeous!

In psychology, the color purple gives an impression that radiates strength, charm, wisdom, to visionary. No wonder this color is one of the favorite colors in making dresses and dresses. Especially after the soft lilac color blooms, it makes women fall in love even more.

Several Indonesian celebrities were also seen wearing purple dresses, you know! Evidently, their appearances all look stunning. Do not believe? Immediately scroll through the purple dress inspiration below, come on!

1 Blending two purple tones at once in one look? This dress style actually makes your appearance even more unique!

2 Your charm will shine even more when you wear a maxi dress with a light purple ruffle detail like this Beby Tsabina!

3 Rebecca wore a knee-length off shoulder dress, with embroidery details at the bottom hem of the skirt. Even though it's simple, it's still cute!

4 Look simple but sweet to Ify's invitation, with a lilac midi dress, large necklace and clasps accessories, and a nude brown bag

5 Rossa looks elegant in a maxi dress made of purple tulle, with sequin decoration in a floral pattern and mutton sleeves

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