Fuji vs. Style Fight Chika, Trendy Young Hits!

Fujianti Utami Putri and Chandrika Chika are two public figures who are often discussed by netizens lately. Both of them are actively uploading their trendy OOTD photos on social media.

To add your reference to look fashionable in all events, IDN Times has summarized Fuji and Chika's fashion style battle. Want to know what it's like?

1 Pair denim pants with a tank top and a long-sleeved blazer. Pair it with Fuji-style mules heels or sneakers like Chika

2 You both look cool in denim hot pants, here! Combine it with a tank top and an oversized shirt or just wear your favorite floral blouse

3 Mix and match baggy jeans & a Fuji-style balloon sleeve outer. Meanwhile, Chika looks more formal with a white T-shirt and a striped blazer

4 Mix and match crop tops, cardigans, and Fuji-style culottes to look fun. No less hits, Chika wears a long-sleeved blouse, denim with floral motifs, and a hand bag

5 For a boyish look, emulate Fuji's style with a baseball jacket and hat. Or, sontek Chika's sporty OOTD with a plain t-shirt and sports leggings

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