Trendy and comfortable, 9 ideas on Padan Padan Knit Tops Ala Arin Oh My Girl

Comfortable and suitable combined with other fashion items. Maybe that's the reason why many people, especially young people are often seen wearing a knitly top. Without more effort, we can already look stylish and just adjust the outfit style with the activity to be done.

Arin, Maknae Girl Group Oh My Girl also often appears trendy wearing a variety of knit tops, Loh. Suitable for those of you who are looking for a reference to Mix and Match, the following rows of ideas on the blessings of the Knit Tops Ala Arin Oh My Girl!

1 Wear a pink dilayer cream sweater, Arin completes the look with jeans, socks and sneakers. Comfortable worn when Hangout, Here

2 Arin performed sweetly with a combination of crop cardigan suit, mini skirts and matching Mary Jane Shoes colored platforms. Don't forget the complementary accessory that makes the look more on point!

3 The combination of vest knitting and tennis skirt has never failed to create a trendy appearance!

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