7 Charm of Agnez Mo, Now a State Defense Ambassador

Agnez Mo's name is again a trending topic. Nope, it's not about his love life, but about his career. This 35-year-old woman has just been named the State Defense Ambassador by the Ministry of Defense. Not without reason, Agnez Mo is considered to have succeeded in introducing Indonesia in the international arena through his works.

Not only has a brilliant career that is always in the spotlight, Agnez's appearance on various occasions also often steals the attention. What's the portrait like? Check it out below!

1 Had become a netizen conversation, the cornrow hairstyle successfully made Agnez's appearance even more statement.

2 Wearing a luxurious kebaya, Agnez styled her hair in a high bun style that accentuated her facial features. Stunning!

3 Who said ponytails are outdated? Take a peek at Agnez Mo's style below. The ponytail arrangement that is made very high and long successfully makes Agnez's swag style even more on point.

4 The baby hair trend has also been tried by Agnez. Combining it with a mini bun hairtsyle, this Cancer girl's total look looks more contemporary.

5 Always looks attractive with a full face of makeup, in fact Agnez's charm does not decrease in the slightest even though she appears with minimal makeup. It's so Flawless!

6 Messy slicked back hair combined with bold eye makeup managed to perfectly display Agnez's fierce side.

7 Double sided braid hairstyle is Agnez's choice so that she can still appear energetic without being hot on stage. So cool!

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