Echoing Sustainable Fashion, Is It Enough With The Selection Of Materials?

The issue of sustainable fashion has indeed become the focus of the fashion world in recent years. One of the things that is often heard when sustainable fashion is echoed is the use of environmentally friendly materials. But, is that enough?

In the JFH Webinar, Shari Semesta as Founder & Creative Director of IMAJI Studio, revealed that actually, when talking about sustainable fashion, it is not just the use of materials such as environmentally friendly materials. But it concerns all aspects of the fashion industry.

Shari admits, IMAJI Studio as a brand, does not dare to say that the brand they are leading is already 100 percent sustainable fashion. Because, there are many points that must be met. “There are so many checklists. But we are trying to live out the four pillars that we are carrying to maintain the spirit of sustainability,” said Shari.

First Environment. As a natural fabric studio, IMAJI collaborates with or uses local craftsmen, which according to him are environment friendly. Then second, Society. “This is more about how our relationship with the craftsmen is,” said Shari.

Third, Economics. Shari said that when talking about sustainable, it is usually far from the word economy. Because what they think is about eco-friendly. In fact, for a brand, sustainability cannot be without profit. Lastly, Lifestyle. For him, sustainability is an aspect that must be applied in life. “Not only in the fashion industry but also in food, home living, that’s the future too,” he continued.

So, said Shari, his party continues to try to be sustainable. “The checklist will continue to grow, and we always apply the four pillars,” he concluded.

On the same occasion, Hetty Awi, Founder of 3MONGKIS, said that sustainable fashion in his dictionary is how to make products that are everlasting and do not damage the environment. There are at least four things to consider when creating a product.

According to Hetty, however, the use of materials is number one, mostly using cotton, rayon, using materials that are easier to recycle.

Then secondly, how when the pattern and the waste material are not made too much. Third, how these materials and this product can be used everlasting and can be used in various seasons. Finally, it can be mixed and matched with next fashion.

“We are trying to do better. We did it first because there are still a lot (sustainable coverage) and a lot that needs to be improved,” he explained.

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