Fashionable, 9 Ideas OOTD Bianca Adinegoro Wife Mendag that Hits Abis

Bianca Adinegoro is a former model and also the wife of Muhammad Lutfi, Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia. Bianca was active in the Indonesian modeling world in the ’90s. He was even a model for the video clip of Dewa 19, you know. Now she focuses on accompanying her husband on duty. He is also active in entrepreneurship activities.

Having a background as a model, Bianca is known as a figure who loves fashion. Bianca’s style of dress has always been fashionable and modern. Come on, take a look at the following nine OOTD ideas that hit Bianca Adinegoro style.

1 Look casual with a white tanktop wrapped in a cream -colored shirt, ankle jeans, and come with white sneakers

2 Want a meeting? Look chic by combining a cream asymmetrical dress with a matching tartan blazer. Wear kitten heels for the finishing touch

3 Are you in a cold area? Try a combination of white turtleneck sweater, brown loose pants, complete with white ankle boots. Perfect!

4 Tartan maxi dresses for summer outfits are the most suitable choice!

5 Combine a plain white blouse with a gypsy skirt, simple, but make the look more stylish

6 Comfortable style in turtleneck wrap sweater, vest, and ankle jeans. Ready for a walk!

7 Ruffled white dress is the best choice for summer vacation

8 Want to hangout with friends? Wear a white tanktop wrapped in a brown blazer and leopard motif joger pants

9 Simple brown gypsy dresses you can use for semi -formal events. Simple, but elegant!

That’s nine Bianca Adinegoro -style OOTD inspirations, can be used for hangouts and meetings at the office.

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