K- pop hero IU’s choice of arm delicacy? Gucci classics 4 of her most coveted bags, from the equestrian- inspired Horsebit 1955 and Bamboo 1947 to the Sylvie 1969 and Jackie 1961, named for Jackie Kennedy

IU wore a stunning Gucci crew neck gown at the Cannes Film Festival last time, but her handbag collection is indeed more emotional, from the Horsebit 1955 to the Jackie 1961, named after Jackie Kennedy.

The 29- time-old ‘ nation’s little family ’ and gal of Lee Jong- suk has been the brand’s Korean minister since 2020 – and indeed wore the Sylvie 1969 in her 2019 K- drama Hotel del Luna.

South Korean songster and actress IU, born Lee Ji- eun, is hailed in her home country as the “ nation’s little family ” and continues to make captions to this day.

At the launch of the time, she and actor Lee Jong- suk were named Dispatch’s New Year Couple for 2023, as the two were revealed to be in a relationship after times of fellowship.

Lately, the 29- time-old star also made fashion news for facing Gucci’s juggernauts as one of the house’s global ministers, per Soompi, after having inked with them back in 2020.

She’s featured the brand in numerous of her music vids too, from “ Blueming ” in 2019 to “ Celebrity ” in 2021, and wore a stunning Gucci green savant lattice crew neck gown at the Cannes Film Festival last time.

The multitalented hero remains a redoubtable force in both the entertainment and fashion world. And while IU can surely rock various andover-the-top aesthetics from the brand, she also gravitates back to the classics as with her bags.

Let’s take a look at her bag collection and the history behind the styles she owns

1. The Gucci Horsebit 1955

The Gucci Horsebit 1955, as its name suggests, borrows rudiments from the equestrian world and incorporates a traditional element distinct to the fashion house its double ring and bar design.

The quaint style has seen a variety of duplications, numerous of which are proudly possessed and carried by IU. At the Twinsburg fashion show at Milan Fashion Week spring/ summer 2023, the hero wore a suit paired with the Horsebit 1955 mini top handle bag in faceless and white GG supreme oil, which retails forUS$ 2,390 on its website.

Her Instagram updates and field fashion also offer suggestions into her Horsebit collection she also appears to enjoy the mini bag in GG supreme monogram oil with a brown leather trim that comes with two swatch options, the black and adulation pail bag interpretation, the mini bag in black leather with a chain and leather swatch, the small top handle bag in black leather, and the shoulder bag in faceless oil, to name just a many.

2. The Gucci Bamboo 1947

Inpost-war 1947, when accoutrements similar as leather were scarce, the house’s Florentine crafters took a chance on using bamboo for the bag’s handle, states the Gucci website. The bag’s bamboo handle was twisted through the use of fire and has since come an hallmark of the brand, presently priced atUS$ 4,200.

The K- pop star herself carried the small top handle interpretation in white while attending the Gucci Garden Archetypes event last time. In 2021, she was spotted carrying an edgy- looking, music- themed interpretation of the Bamboo 1947 when she dropped by the Gucci 100 Collection pop- up store in Seoul.

3. The Gucci Sylvie 1969

Also Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele revived numerous of Gucci’s hallowed libraries, and one of them is the iconic Sylvie 1969. vended forUS$ 3,200, per the brand’s website, the style is preferred by fashion suckers for its ladylike appeal and sharp figure that stays true to the hand Gucci shape from the 60s and 70s, and the distinct gold- tone essence chain that runs vertically across the front of the bag.

IU’s is the mini top handle interpretation in patent black leather, a great LBB( little black bag). A interpretation of Sylvie 1969 indeed made a gem in her 2019 drama, Hotel del Luna.

4. The Gucci Jackie 1961

The Jackie 1961 is likewise a blast from the history that’s seen a successful ultramodern reanimation, and continues to find its way on the arms of the stylish dressed moment. The style maintains its satiny piston tackle and its hand half- moon shape isn't to be missed.

One of IU’s recent Instagram posts revealed her covetable mini Gucci Jackie 1961 in unheroic leather, a design that surely matches her cute and sunny personality. She’s been spotted with the medium shoulder bag interpretation of the Jackie 1961 as well, which retails for aboutUS$ 2,850, per the brand’s website.