Unique and Trendy, This is a Solid Way to Match Converse with Skirts to Stay Feminine Look

Most people say, Converse shoes are one of the brands that will always be sought after because they can be combined with all outfits. Many people agree that Converse is a shoe that can be said to be timeless or timeless and its fans will always increase every day.

Especially for the Converse Chuck Taylor high-top model who successfully gives a fashionable and cool impression every time he uses it. Usually, this type of shoe will be combined with an outfit that tends to be boyish.

But in fact, this Converse model can also be combined and matched with a skirt if you want to look more feminine. Curious?

Oversized Shirt & Midi Skirt Combination

If you like wearing oversized shirts and Converse sneakers, which are identical to the boyish style, it can be more feminine when combined with a midi skirt. You can also play with motifs like floral or polka dots.

Pastel Colors

Who says Converse Chuck Taylor can't create a girly vibe? The proof is that these shoes can transform to be more chic when worn with pastel colors. Don't forget to add accessories such as a hat or headband.

Look Playful with Mustard Color

If this one is suitable for those who dare to be different with colors that are quite playful, the mustard color is one of them. Shades of mustard on the dress and Converse, make the appearance of anyone who wears it looks gorgeous and cute. Playful themes like this are very suitable when used on picnics or holidays to playgrounds, zoos, lakes, and others. You see, this mustard color has a cheerful and energetic impression.

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