Mix and match outfit with Soraya Ulfa-style pleated skirt, present!

Matched with a variety of clothing tops, such as t-shirts, blouses, and outerwear, pleated skirts are one of the most popular clothing items today. To look trendy, you only need to combine it with a top that fits and is comfortable for you.

Well, for those of you who are still confused and need some outfit references with pleated skirts, here are 10 solid and matching Soraya Ulfa-style plated skirts that you can cheat. So present!

1 Pair Tosca pleated skirt with a denim shirt, gray square hijab, and flip on shoes, you are guaranteed to look cool!

2 A cream colored pleated skirt like this will look stunning with an all-black oufit blend, you know

3 You can also combine an orange turtleneck t-shirt, black pashmina hijab and pleated skirt for a casual look

4 Cool for OOTD, you can also make your look more elegant with a brown pleated skirt that blends with an all black outfit

5 You can combine a white t-shirt and trucker jacket, black pashmina, and white pleated skirt so that your look is eye catching

6 There’s nothing wrong with trying a combination of hitting colors like the one used by Soraya in her portrait below, you know

7 Blouse with polka dot pattern is no less cool when combined with plated skirts, try it!

8 Not only polka dots, leopard print blouses can also make you look cooler with a white pleated skirt like this, you know.

9 Who says oversized shirts can’t be combined with pleated skirts? You can cheat on Soraya’s OOTD below

10 The combination of monochrome colors on the blouse and plated skirts is no less cool for you to try to cheat, here

For those of you who want to look simple and contemporary, pleated skirts might be the wrong solution. You can also cheat on Soraya Ulfa’s OOTD, you know. Simple, cool, and really up to date!

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