The Charm of 7 Women Who Was Close to Deddy Corbuzier

Success as a YouTuber, Deddy Corbuzier's movements never go unnoticed. Yups, throughout his career in the entertainment world, this father of one child is known to have been close to several Indonesian celebrities.

Well, netizens were amazed by the charm of seven women who were once close to Deddy Corbuzier. Anyone? Let's check!

1 Agnez Mo's eyes are even more perfect thanks to dramatic eyelashes. Not many know, the two had been dating for four years.

2 This ex-wife of Deddy Corbuzier looks fresher when she is wearing nude and peach makeup. Now in the middle of two, you know.

3 Golden highlighter increasingly exudes the beauty of Titi Rajo Bintang. Her exotic skin is so sexy!

4 Claiming to be only friends with Deddy Corbuzier, Vicky Shu proves that being a mother is not an excuse to appear like him. Stay charming and sweet, dong.

5 From the past until now, Nycta Gina is known to have a cute and adorable facial character. In 2014, the wife of Rizky Kinos admitted that she was only friends with Deddy Corbuzier.

6 Had an outburst of intimacy, in early 2018, Deddy and Chika reportedly broke up. Korean makeup and short hair are the 33-year-old presenter's mainstay look.

7 Still lasting until now, Sabrina Chairunnisa's appearance has managed to steal attention. His mulatto facial character is more charming with a soft glow look.

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