These 4 Meghan Markle Dress Styles Show She’s A Leo Zodiac! Agree No?

Although not directly related, we can see that from the style of her appearance Meghan Markle is a Leo. Dare to be different but still be yourself is one of the strong characters of the Leo zodiac and it can be seen from Meghan Markle’s appearance. The actress who plays the drama series Suits also doesn’t hesitate to occasionally break the rules, such as wearing black on weekdays, which is forbidden by royal members other than at funerals. Check out how Meghan Markle’s character as a Leo zodiac affects her style of appearance.

Look Powerful with Blazer

One of the dominant Leo zodiac characters is having a leadership spirit or always wanting to look presentable. Tailoring clothes or suits are always the right choice to show these characters. Meghan herself is seen often wearing a blazer on various occasions. Whether attending a formal event or a more casual one.

Be the Center of Attention Through Bright Colors

Leos have such a strong sense of self that they are often thought of as enjoying being the center of attention. This can be seen in Meghan Markle who shows her confidence by boldly wearing yellow. A color that is not only rarely used by members of the royal family but also society in general.

Appreciation of Art through Patterned Clothing

Everyone’s interests are different, but Leos generally have a special interest in art or other creative mediums. Apart from her experience as an actress, we can also see this character from the dress style of Meghan Markle who also likes to wear patterned clothes.

Black Color as a Symbol of Dare to Be Different

For some people, wearing black clothes in their daily activities is normal. But not for Meghan Markle when she was still an active member of the British Royal family. The black color is only for funerals. But Meghan dared to wear the color on various occasions. I don’t know if Meghan deliberately dared to break the rules or if she just wanted to be different from the average person. But the attitude of daring to be different is indeed one of the traits of the Leo zodiac.

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