9 OOTD Hijab Glamor by Erin Taulany, Impressed with Class and Luxury!

Rien Wartia Trigina is the wife of comedian Andre Taulany. The woman, who is familiarly known by the name of Erin Taulany, has been steadily wearing the hijab since 2019. It looks more attractive and charming.

Erin often uploads hijab OOTD on her personal Instagram account. Her style of dress looks elegant and classy. Like a socialite, let's take a peek at Erin Taulany's glamorous hijab OOTD below!

1 Wearing a hijab and an all-black suit, Erin added a brown outer with a zigzag pattern and cool vintage eyewear accessories.

2 Pastel color hijabs are perfect for balancing this eye-catching animal printed jumpsuit

3 Erin's cuteness is in an outer dress with the same pattern and color as her culottes. Like the style of the hijabers hits!

4 This peasant style tunic with sleeves can also be a perfect match for your pleated skirt, you know!

5 Have a full printed robe and are confused about the color of the hijab? Match it with one of the color motifs. Matching!

6 Like an official's mother's style, Erin looks classy in clothes made of woven fabric and a tote bag from a famous brand

7 Attending the invitation, Erin wore a tulle dress, which was combined with a nude hijab and a large pendant necklace.

8 Sweet fashion inspiration for the office, with a patterned top combined with a pleated skirt. Choose clothes with soft tones

9 Unique, Erin appeared with a plaid patterned shirt and cutbray patterned pants. Got the vintage and modern impression!

Those are the 9 OOTD hijabs in the style of Erin Taulany. The style is cool and not inferior to the hijabers, right?

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