Ussy Vs Mayangsari Invitational Style Fight, Glamorous Sociality Gang!

Being in the same socialite gang, it’s no wonder that Mayangsari and Ussy Sulistyawati both have a glamorous style. Especially when attending parties, aka invitations, these two artists always look shaky in elegant clothes.

If the styles of the two are compared, who do you think is the most stylish? Come on, let’s take a peek at the two styles!

1 If Ussy chooses the brokatsemi see through dress, Mayangsari wears a top and a skirt plus a robe decorated with sequins

2 Batik kebaya so modern with waist bag and sneakers. Mini dresses with batik motifs and heels are also elegant, you know!

3 Compact with her husband wearing a green theme outfit, Ussy combines lurik with a matching batik skirt. A modern Mayangsari clad in a black slit dress and heels

4 Choose a transparent puff sleeve midi dress or a maxi dress v-neck chiffon? Red and maroon bag accents so sweeten the style

5 Unpretentious, Ussy combines a brocade kebaya with a scarf and a songket skirt. Mayangsari chose a full brocade kebaya with a kekinan model

6 Glamorous wear black style, Mayangsari choose to match the dress with outer batik and beret hat, Ussy with elegant sheer polka dots dress

7 Want a kebaya model with a peplum top and midi skirt suit, choosing the yellow color will make you look stunning!

8 A twisted batik skirt can be paired with a batik top or a kaftan kebaya and brooch. You are equally eye catching!

9 Indian party style with saree, black color decorated with gold embroidery to match the bag or all out with an all-yellow theme, hmm?

OOTD’s 10 choices of neutral colors, soft pink kaftan dresses or vintage-style mini dresses are equally suitable with the strap heels!

How do you think the comparison of the two socialites’ styles above? So, OOTD Ussy or Mayangsari is your favorite?

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