Stylish OOTD Ideas for Raisa’s Hangout, Like Wearing Sneakers

Singer Raisa never seems to fail to impress her fans, either with her melodious voice or her appearance on stage. In contrast to the clothes worn during performances, Raisa likes OOTD which is simple but still stylish.

Like wearing sneakers, he is also seen wearing a fashionable style for hangouts. Curious? Just scroll down!

1 All in blue, Raisa is seen wearing a pastel blue top that matches the outer, and is combined with high waisted ripped pants with colorful colors.

2 Make your yellow polka-dotted top the center of attention by choosing plain black for other outfits

3 Jumpsuits and sneakers are a combination of outfits that are comfortable, relaxed, and not complicated. Suitable for snacking, here!

4 Raisa's sporty look, it is enough to wear the outer of a denim shirt plus sneakers

5 Cotton midi dress with waist bag suitable as an outfit for an evening out with family or friends

6 The orange mini dress plus sandals creates an OOTD impression that is really summer vibes, huh?

7 Taking pictures at GBK, the wife of actor Hamish Daud wore a denim jumpsuit and plain white sneakers. Simple!

8 You can conjure an oversized sweatshirt into a cool mini dress. Getting cool with the arms rolled up

9 Wear a plain dress with slit details for a hangout? Pair it with a blazer and ankle boots. Voila! Trending really!

Those are 9 stylish OOTDs in Raisa's style for hangouts. Are you a simple OOTD team or a somewhat complex one?

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