Mix and Match Billie Eilish style T-shirt at Coachella Stage 2022

Billie Eilish has once again proven that comfort is the main thing in style when performing at Coachella 2022. The youngest performer at the biggest music festival in the US is not affected by the 'njlimet' bin eccentric outfit parade of the performers who have performed previously.

After all, by wearing a T-shirt, he has found his own eccentricity, without having to be someone else. Billie Eilish gave mix and match ideas for those of us who want to appear in a t-shirt but still steal the show.

  1. Choose oversized
    The choice of shirt size is key to the Billie Eilish look. He wore three oversized T-shirts with different graphics. Ranging from nude, black, to lilac.
  2. Bike pants
    He paired all his oversized shirts with matching bike pants. The length of the shirt also covers up to the thigh, so it's still safe for those of us who don't want to expose these body parts too much.
  3. Gloves
    Billie Eilish also emphasizes her sporty appearance in the selection of accessories. Like warmer fingerless gloves made of knit.

In addition to warming or possibly holding back sweat, this fashion item is also a style statement. He also matched the color of the gloves to his outfit.

  1. Stacked necklaces
    Necklace is a must-have accessory in all Billie Eilish looks. He arranges it in a layering or stacking style.

From thick to thin. And various sizes, from chokers to long straps.

  1. Knee deckers
    Not only used when doing sports that have the potential for injury. The decker can also be a style statement when worn by Billie Eilish on the Coachella stage.

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