The Style of 90s Artist Children Who Grow Up, Like Their Parents?

Remember some celebrities or musicians who were successful in the 90s? In addition to news from them, the style of their children who are now growing up is also an interesting topic to listen to. Their growth turned out to make the appearance more stand-out. Curious about anyone? Come on, take a peek below a row of interesting styles!

1 Looking mature with a slightly revealing outfit, this one is Audrey Davis, daughter of David Bayu, former vocalist of Naif. The style that Audrey Davis applies is really contemporary, right, Bela!

This 2 cute girl with a girly OOTD is Naja Dewi Maulana. She is the daughter of Armand Maulana and Dewi Gita, you know! As a teenager, Naja Dewi Maulana likes to explore various styles of clothing with vibrant colors.

3 So cute and girly! Similar to her father, Sasi Asmara, the daughter of Anjasmara and Dian Nitami has a style that is quite flawless for a child her age. Simple mix and match, Sasi Asmara looks stylish and effortless.

4 Aishameglio Duta Chiara, daughter of the legendary vocalist of the 90s, Duta Sheila on 7. Appearing sweet and unique, Aishameglio Duta Chiara, who is rarely highlighted by the media, has a casual look that is quite attention-grabbing in his daily life, you know!

5 Fresh and sporty is the right picture to convey Teuku Rassya’s style. The son of Tamara Bleszynski, the soap opera actor who triumphed in the 90s, has also grown up. Similar to his mother, Teuku Rassya has a stylish style and also tends to be timeless.

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