3 Easy Ways to Unyellow Shoes, Make White Shoes Clean again

White shoes can indeed make you look cooler. Unfortunately, white shoes are very susceptible to turning yellow. Yellowing white shoes can actually make your appearance look less than optimal, you know.

There is a way to get rid of the yellowness of white shoes which is known as unyellowing. Well, here’s a selection of 3 easiest ways to unyellow your own shoes at home. Come on, see below!

1 Using bleach

The first method that is most commonly used is to use bleach. The tools and materials that need to be prepared are clothes bleach that has a low level of hydrogen peroxide, a brush, and plastic wrap.

The steps are quite easy, first clean the shoes from the dirt that is there. Second, start applying bleach to the parts of the shoes that turn yellow with a brush. Third, wrap the part that has been smeared with plastic wrap. Finally, dry the cleaned shoes in the open.

Do not dry shoes in direct sunlight because it can make the shoes become damaged more quickly.

2 Using hair bleaching cream

Note: for shoe soles or white leather shoes sepatu

This method is still unknown to many people, here! Tools and materials that need to be prepared are bleaching cream, brush, soapy water, small brush and plastic wrap. For the product, you can use any brand of hair bleaching product.

Previously, if the shoes contained dirt, clean them first by brushing the shoes with soapy water. After it is clean and dry, then we can start the unyellowing process.

The first step, apply the bleaching cream evenly on the yellowed part using a brush. Second, wrap the whole shoe with plastic wrap and let it sit in the room for 30-60 minutes.

After letting it sit, open the plastic wrap and clean the remnants of the bleaching cream that has dried on the shoes using a brush. Done, your shoes will look pure white like they are new and ready to wear.

3 Using toothpaste + tissue

Different from the method above, you can use this method for white shoes made of any material, especially canvas and suede, because toothpaste has a lighter content than the previous ingredients. Make sure the toothpaste you are going to use has fluoride in it.

The trick, apply toothpaste on an old toothbrush that will be used. Then, brush the wetted shoes with the toothbrush. After it feels clean enough, wrap the shoes using white tissue before drying. After that, dry the shoes to dry and your shoes will look clean again.

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