Fira Assagaf’s Beige Nuanced Outfit Style, Elegant Hijab Style

Beige is one of the neutral colors that is much favored by fashion connoisseurs. This is because cream is easy to combine with a variety of other colors. This color can also give the impression of a sophisticated clean look.

Fira Assagaf is one of the celebrities known for her simple yet classy fashion style, with a touch of soft glam. Come on, let’s look at Fira Assagaf’s creamy outfit!

1 For a daily look that is still stylish, you can combine an oversized beige sweater with white pants. Handbags & heels add a luxurious impression

2 Oversized sweaters can also be combined with a satin skirt with details at the waist. Plus sandal heels, you are more elegant like a princess

3 For casual, you can wear a shirt and culottes combined with a handbag and sandals. You’re ready to go anywhere cool!

4 Dresses with ruffles and lace details on the hands, perfect for those of you who want to look simple but still stunning

5 Look classy & elegant with a 3-toned pleated top and a velvet pleated skirt. Diamond details on flat shoes make you more glamorous

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