Nagita Slavina VS Jessica Iskandar Style Fight Wear The Same Luxury Dress, Who’s Swaggy?

The name Jessica Iskandar has recently become a topic of discussion because she has firmly anchored her heart to Vincent Verhaag.

Not only Jessica Iskandar's wedding that became the spotlight of netizens, this artist's style of dress was also in the spotlight.

Recently, Jessica Iskandar wore the same dress as Nagita Slavina's.

In fact, the price of Jessica Iskandar's dress is not cheap, you know.

How not, it has become the hallmark of the wife of Sultan Andara as well to look luxurious with exorbitant item prices.

Now, wearing twin outfits, who do you think looks cooler in this expensive dress?

Let's find out more, Stylovers!

Jessica Iskandar looks stylish in a colorful dress with interesting ruffle details.

This long sleeve dress features a v-neckline and ruffles, front opening with hidden buttons.

Showcasing a casual silhouette, this midi-length ruched silk design layered dress looks elegant.

No wonder this luxury dress is the choice of celebrities.

This dress from Zimmermann is the "Carnaby Frill Billow Dress in Spliced".

Reporting from, the price that is priced at $950 is worth Rp. 13,530,000.

This dress was also worn by Nagita Slavina.

A similar dress was worn by Nagita Slavina while on vacation in Bali.

The woman who is often called Mama Gigi looks bohemian in a classic boater hat.

However, his style does not fade from the luxury of the Hermes Picotin series of bags.

Nagita Slavina's luxurious luxury dress during pregnancy
Well, that's the twin dress from Jessica Iskandar and Nagita Slavina.Nagita Slavina VS Jessica Iskandar Style Fight Wear The Same Luxury Dress, Who's Cooler?

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