OOTD Inspiration Wear Plaid Blazer and Jeans

Bored with a black blazer for a formal casual look, it's time to upgrade your style to wear a plaid blazer. Mix and match with jeans, create a look that is relaxed but still elegant. This OOTD is suitable for work, going to the mall, or hanging out with friends. Well, Popbela has a mix of outfits with a plaid blazer and jeans that you can try. Keep scrolling!

1 Combine a yellow plaid blazer and wide leg jeans to give it both a vintage and fashionable look. Complete with ankle boots and leather bag to complete your appearance.

2 Give it a fresh look wearing a light blue plaid blazer. Combine it with a white t-shirt and jeans in a light color. Don't forget the stylish blue handbag and white heels.

3 Plaid blazers also go great with skinny jeans. Give a statement to your look with cool green ankle boots.

4 Try the double pattern technique with a combination of a plaid blazer and an animal print turtleneck. Mix and match with jeans and leather bags, guaranteed to make your appearance more fashionable!

5 Feel free to wear knee-length jeans to match with a plaid blazer. Wear it with a fashionable black top, bag, and heels. Complete your appearance with gold accessories to make it even more chic.

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